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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hearts - pressed flower card - SOLD 05/09/10

My come back to pressing flowers :)

The card contains 3 kinds of plants:

* the blue heart is made of a cornflower (centaurea cyanus) I collected in Poland
* the yellow heart contains little leaves punched in Polish sunflower petals (helianthus annuus)
* the dark red one is cut of of a New Mexican rose petals (rosaceae)

The card is blank inside and has an extra liner for your message. The envelope has a lovely pattern punched on the back and a pressed leaf in front of it. You can find more images on etsy where the card is available for purchase.


  1. beautiful!:-)

    thanks for letting us see!:-)


  2. thank you! it means a lot to hear it from you :)

  3. Welcome again to World Wide Pressed Flower Guild !
    your picture at the very top reminds me of the trees our vice pres Jacki of WWPFG.org does . check them out in the members sharing album in the yahoo group.
    it is in the new photos now . Called 10 birches.
    Peace terica

  4. I will! thank you Terica :-)!